Witness a Rise to the Throne at the Matt Dann Theatre and Cinema

Published: Friday, 31 May 2019 at 3:10:04 PM

The Young King, a live show by the acclaimed Slingsby Theatre Company, is coming to the Matt Dann Theatre and Cinema on Saturday 8 June.

In the spirit of Slingsby’ s reputation for whimsical and captivating storytelling, The Young King crafts the journey of a young boy who ascends to the heir of the Kingdom’s throne.

The uniqueness of the show is in its immersion of the audience, with courtiers engaging and welcoming guests from the show’s inception.

Compounding the experience is the story’s allegory of modern society, commenting on the dark side of greed and class.

Mayor Camilo Blanco said the addition of The Young King further strengthened the Matt Dann Theatre and Cinema’s creative programming.

“This show, based on the original tale by Oscar Wilde, offers people of all ages the chance to experience theatre which both entertains and educates.

“Slingsby have developed an impressive repertoire of productions which have travelled the globe, all guided by a mission to tell coming of age stories within a world-worn aesthetic.

“The show is perfect for families, as it’s an accessible way to introduce young people to theatre’s power in translating real world issues into inspiring storytelling which makes us all think. 

“I encourage everyone to come along on Saturday 8 June and enjoy this magical live show.”

The Young King is showing at the Matt Dann Theatre and Cinema on Saturday 8 June at 10am and 2pm. Click here to secure your tickets online.

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