Secure your load for safer roads

Published on Friday, 19 November 2021 at 4:41:43 PM

Road users are reminded that unsecure vehicle loads can pose major safety risks to other drivers and cyclists. At highway speeds, even small debris can be deadly.

Materials being transported on the back of vehicles such as utes, trailers and trucks that are not completely covered and secured can fly off whilst driving and become litter.

The most common ways that road debris contributes to accidents is by either causing a driver to lose control of their vehicle, or by being launched by car tyres into the windshield of another vehicle.

If items on the roadway are particularly large, this can necessitate sudden braking or require drivers to change lanes, increasing collision risks.

Roadside litter has a high chance of causing damage to local waterways, flooding and blocking drainage systems and impacting swimming beaches and wetlands.

Mayor Peter Carter urged local road users to always secure vehicle loads.

“Secure your load for safer roads: unsecure loads pose major safety risks to other drivers and cyclists.

“When transporting any materials, always tie down your load before you take off.

“Cover garden refuse with a tarpaulin or trailer net, and restrain furniture and white goods with good quality straps.

“A load that hasn’t been secured properly, including sand, soil and small debris which leaves a vehicle and becomes litter is illegal under the Litter Act 1979 and may result in a $200 fine.”

Click here to access the Unsecured Load, Unsafe Road fact sheet.

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