Reduced streetlights for Turtle Season

Published on Wednesday, 13 October 2021 at 2:50:13 PM

In an ongoing partnership between the Town of Port Hedland, Care for Hedland and Horizon Power, streetlights along sections of Sutherland Street have been switched off to help reduce the negative impacts that streetlights can have on Port Hedland’s flatback turtle hatchlings.

Town of Port Hedland CEO Carl Askew said that every second light from Stevens Street to Crawford Street would be switched off for the duration of turtle season.

“Adjusting the light in this area will assist with the natural hatching process of our local flatback turtles, who are very sensitive to light.

“During the nesting process, adult turtles may get disorientated by light, which can lead to unsuccessful nest building and laying of eggs. Later in the season, hatchlings are confused by light and may not find their way to the ocean.

“To help encourage a successful turtle breeding season, we have worked with Care for Hedland and Horizon Power to reduce the negative impact of street lighting in this area.

“The presence of flatback turtles provides our community with the opportunity to witness this unique hatchling event and to become actively involved in contributing to the monitoring of the protected species."

Streetlights in the Cemetery Beach Park and Civic Centre areas will also be dimmed on a pre-programmed schedule during the evening and night. From 11 pm each night, the ablutions in these areas will be unavailable to the public.

The Town of Port Hedland would like to remind all community members to exercise additional caution if in the areas affected by reduced lighting levels at night.

Should community members have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town on 08 9158 9300.

For media information:
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Manager Corporate Affairs
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