Make Time for Mateship

Published on Thursday, 19 November 2020 at 11:30:19 AM

Jeremy’s latest video update for his 60 for 60 campaign talked about the importance of mateship, so we wanted to give you some more details here about why it’s important. Fostering mateship is a key focus of the national Movember campaign, seeking to raise awareness of the fact that we lose 60 men to suicide each hour, every hour across the world.

The term mateship originated during Australian colonial days, developed in the context of the harsh reality and elements of the outback. The First World War introduced a new stage of mateship, whereby men fought side by side on the battle field to defend Australia’s freedoms.

Fast forward to 2020, and the concepts of mateship and comradery have evolved in line with unprecedented social change. Traditions like beers at the footy and Friday night barbecues may have stood the test of time, but there’s so many other avenues where men can find space to connect. Here in Hedland, there’s a huge selection of social sports, art groups and activities to discover where you can have fun and make new mates along the way. If you’re creatively inclined, the Courthouse Gallery+Studio holds regular makers workshops, such as ceramic pottery and crafts. Click here to access the Courthouse Facebook page.

The Hedland Men’s Shed is a not for profit association who’s aim is to provide a safe and inclusive space for men in Hedland. They’ve run events such as Mental Health First Aid workshops, collected rubbish for the Containers Deposit Scheme and run hands on metal and woodwork workshops. The Hedland organisation is one of more than 1000 Men’s Sheds in Australia, all providing practical support, specialised services and resources.   to access the Hedland Men’s Shed Facebook page.

Another great way to meet new people is through the group fitness classes held by Port Hedland Leisure at the Gratwick Aquatic and Fitness Centre and Wanangkura Stadium. There’s something for everyone: maybe you’d like to stretch your flexibility with yoga, or perhaps fancy a high intensity Les Mills circuit workout. The Port Hedland Leisure team have created a diverse group fitness timetable which fits your schedule, so even if you have a FIFO roster, there’ll be a class you can attend in the morning or the evening. Not only is it a great way to meet people, group fitness also gets your endorphins pumping and gives your health and wellbeing a boost. Click here to access the latest timetable.

So, whether you’re new to Hedland or grew up here, it’s important to make time for mateship.

If you’d like to discuss your fitness journey with Port Hedland Leisure, call 9158 9750.

Click here to donate to Jeremy's 60 for 60 campaign.

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