Let's kerb our waste: important kerbside recycling information

Published on Thursday, 18 February 2021 at 8:25:13 AM

Cleanaway will be delivering kerbside recycling bins to households in late February, with the first collection for Zone A taking place during the week of 8 March and Zone B during the week of 15 March – click here to find out your zone.

Cleanaway will deliver recycling bins to the kerb of each property. Residents are asked to please leave the bin on the kerbside until the recycling bin has a sticker and bin number attached and a waste collection calendar. Once all items have been delivered, households are encouraged to start sorting and recycling items as soon as possible.

All material collected from kerbside recycling bins for the first four to eight weeks of the service, designated as a learn to kerb your waste period, will undergo an assessment at the South Hedland Landfill. This will enable Council and Cleanaway to assess which areas in the Local Government Area require additional messaging on how to recycle correctly.

Following the learn to kerb your waste period, all recyclables will be sent to Cleanaway in Karratha and on to Perth to be sorted and recycled.

Mayor Peter Carter encouraged households to become familiar with the items which can and cannot be recycled.

“The first four to eight weeks of kerbside recycling collection is a learn to kerb your waste period, which gives households time to get used to recycling correctly.

“This period takes the worry away from contaminating the first few weeks of recycling, recognising that many residents have not had household recycling bins before.

“Once your bin has a sticker, bin number and waste collection calendar, it’s time to start sorting household waste. The sooner households can start, the better!

“Remember to always keep your recyclable materials loose. Do not place them in a plastic bag.”

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