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Have your say in the Town's Community Health and Safety Survey

Published on Friday, 4 March 2022 at 3:02:18 PM

Community members are invited to have their say in the Town’s Community Health and Safety Survey, which aims to understand the specific health and safety needs of local residents.

Part A of the survey aims to identify health issues perceived to be important; identify strategies the Town should use to address health issues; determine the perceived quality of health-related services and identify areas for improvement regarding the delivery and accessibility of Town services.

Part B of the survey aims to understand which community safety issues are of concern, what the perception of safety is and which strategies the Town should consider implementing in response.

Public health and community safety have been combined due to the correlation between the community’s health, safety and perception.

Responses garnered from the survey will inform the review and implementation of the Town’s Community Safety Plan 2019-22 and Public Health Plan.

Mayor Peter Carter encouraged local residents to have their say.

“The Town’s Community Health and Safety Survey provides local residents with the opportunity to have their say on the community health and safety issues impacting them, their families and their community.

“In particular, community safety was identified as one of the top priorities in the Town’s 2021 annual perception survey, so it’s clearly top of mind for many households.

“The Town has taken positive steps in the safety space, with the commencement of the Security patrol and the strengthening of working relationships with Police and key community stakeholders.

However, we recognise that there is still more that can be done. Community input is critical to ensure we address the matters directly affecting Hedland residents."

Click here to access the Community Health and Safety Survey.

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