Future civic and community precinct in South Hedland

Published on Friday, 27 August 2021 at 10:09:26 AM

Council has endorsed the preliminary concepts and costs for the Integrated Civic and Community Precinct in South Hedland, delivering a pathway forward for an idea discussed since at least 2010 to centralise the Town’s presence in the community. 

The Precinct plans to include a Civic centre building inclusive of administration and Council Chambers, a library, café with alfresco area, community and commercial spaces, internal landscaped area and appropriate parking and loading areas. 

The current Civic Centre on McGregor Street is now 50 years old, is operating at capacity, and experiences ongoing repairs and an increasing maintenance regime. In line with the Town’s Strategic Workforce Plan, more space will be required to support an expanded workforce in the years ahead. 

The Precinct plans to feature a hybrid campus layout, with the civic centre building connected to the library via a common secure lobby and the community and commercial space provided within a separate building over two floors. 

Council’s endorsement greenlights the development of a business case, to determine the viability of the project. Following endorsement of a business case, the Town can then progress to the detailed design stage. 

The projected cost of establishing the entire Precinct in South Hedland is $80 million, however specific costs would need to be determined via a business case, and the project has the capability to be staged. 

CEO Carl Askew has been delegated authority to negotiate land acquisition for a suitable site in South Hedland: this process is currently underway. 

Mayor Peter Carter welcomed Council’s endorsement of the Precinct’s preliminary costs and concepts. 

“For over a decade, community members and staff have expressed an interest in relocating the Civic Centre to South Hedland. It’s where most of Hedland’s population resides, where the greatest population increase will occur and where most of the Town’s facilities are already located, so it makes practical sense. 

“Administrative staff would be closer to the existing staff located in South Hedland, fostering greater efficiencies and connectedness to better serve the community. 

“We intend to not just establish a new Civic Centre and Council Chambers, but also a central location for the community to gather in the new library, alfresco area and public spaces. 

“The current Civic Centre on McGregor Street has historical and cultural significance, so we would ensure it is repurposed to meet existing and future community needs. 

“Council and I look forward to viewing the business case in the near future to determine the precinct's viability.”

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Manager Corporate Affairs
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