Council adopts final Coastal Foreshore Management Plan

Published on Friday, 4 June 2021 at 4:59:28 PM

Council has adopted the final version of the Town’s Coastal Foreshore Management Plan (CFMP), providing all stakeholders with a framework to help protect Port Hedland’s valuable coastal assets for future generations to enjoy.

Extensive community consultation informed the preparation of the draft CFMP during 2020, reaching approximately 1,000 local residents and stakeholders.

Engagement methods included 83 location-based survey responses, 21 value survey responses, 314 ‘placed’ map pins, two community drop in sessions, social media posts, consultation with traditional owners and stakeholder briefings.

The draft CFMP was advertised for public comment from 24 February to 24 March 2021, eliciting a further nine submissions which informed the preparation of the final CFMP.

The CFMP is grounded by the insights uncovered during the initial consultation phase, prioritising coastal assets and categorising them by their social, cultural, environmental and economic value. The CFMP then makes informed recommendations about protecting these assets in regards to avoidance, retreat or adaption measures in the short, medium and long term.

Stakeholders who provided submissions during the initial consultation were strongly supportive of the repair and recitification of cyclone damage and the need for future structures and assets to be more resistant to erosion. Submissions were strongly supportive of revegetation to prevent erosion and provide shade, as well as desiring more beachside recreation and tours, cafes and restaurants.

Mayor Peter Carter welcomed Council’s adoption of the Town’s final CFMP.

“I’d like to thank all stakeholders who provided feedback to inform the preparation of the Town’s Coastal Foreshore Management Plan, a critical framework which will help us protect Port Hedland’s valuable coastline for the next century.

“Our coastline is prone to severe pressures, including coastal erosion, inundation of low lying areas during storms, increasing human impacts and threats to biodiversity. I’m pleased the Town is taking a proactive approach to managing these risks to secure our coastal future.”

“The Plan’s actions are not currently funded, therefore the Town will need to investigate external funding sources such grants, and these will require separate Council approvals for different projects within the Plan.”

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