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Online Form - Nomination Form - Port Hedland Community Awards

Nomination Form for Port Hedland Community Awards 2016. Nominations continue throughout the year closing on November 6. The awards recognise individuals or organisations who volunteer or have excellent sporting achievements within our community.

Nomination Rules

Nominations must be received on or before 6 November and submitted via the approved online nomination form to the Town of Port Hedland.
Nominations can be received from the nominee’s club or organisation, or a community member but must be endorsed by an executive of that club or organisation.

Residential Status

The nominee must be a permanent resident in Port Hedland, ie: have resided in the Town for a minimum period of 12 months. This excludes the Junior Sports Star Award, in instances where the nominee is required to leave town for short periods of time, ie: schooling, training etc. Assessment will be on a case-by-case basis.

Judging Panel

The judging panel will give consideration to the relativity of success within different sports, whether they are team or individual. The decision made by the judging panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Closure of Nominations

Nomination period is from February to November each year. Nominations will need to be received no later than November 6 to be eligible for judging and the Community Awards presentation.

Conditions of Award Recipient

The successful nominee and the nominating person, club or organisation will be requested to be present at the presentation ceremony to be held in December.

Nominee Details

Nominator Details

Nomination Support Details

Nominations must be supported by an executive from the relevant club or organisation the Nominee is associated with.

Award Category

Youth Volunteer Award (under 25) - Proudly sponsored by ITOCHU Minerals & Energy of Australia

Recognition of a young person (under 25) who has volunteered in the community within the last 12 months. The contribution can be in the area of sporting and/or community service.
The commitment by the individual needs to have been undertaken outside of normal school, college or work time.

Junior Sports Person of the Year (under 18) - Proudly sponsored by ITOCHU Minerals & Energy of Australia

Nominee must be under 18. Awarded to a young person who has resided in Port Hedland for a minimum of one of the last two years and who has excelled in a sport at a local, regional, state or national level.
Nominees can participate in one or more sports over the past 12 months.

Community Group Award - Proudly sponsored by Rio Tinto Dampier Salt Ltd

A local organisation or group that is providing a community service that is enhancing Port Hedland as a place to live and call home. This group may have a strong volunteering base, be not for profit or is a charitable group and is focused on community strengthening, improving the social capital of the Port Hedland community.

Sports Star of the Year - Proudly sponsored by Spirit Radio 1026 Hedland

Awarded to a current Port Hedland resident who has excelled in a sport at a local, regional, state or national level in one or more sports over the past 12 months.

Community Volunteer Award - Proudly sponsored by Roy Hill

An individual who has provided service to the community over the last 12 months. The individual has helped Port Hedland to be a better place to live.
The nature of the services provided is likely to focus on but not be limited to community, environment, disability and health.

Percy Gratwick VC Sporting Club of the Year - Proudly sponsored by Port Hedland RSL

Awarded to a local sporting club or association that excelled at a local, regional, state or national level during the last 12 months. Excellence may be demonstrated in the areas of:
• Governance
• Sporting excellence
• Club growth

Community Safety Award - Proudly sponsored by Horizon Power

Awarded to an individual who has made a contribution to the safety of the Hedland Community over the last 12 months in the areas of emergency service (for example; fire, ambulance, SES) and/or community based contributions.
The award can be won by a volunteer or alternatively by someone who has provided a level of service above and beyond the normal expectations in an employed role.

Sporting Volunteer of the Year - Proudly sponsored by YMCA WA

Recognition of an individual who has made a significant contribution to a sport through volunteering over the last 12 months.

Selection Criteria

Please provide an explanation on how this nominee meets all the selection criteria for the award category nominated.

Supporting Documentation

Additional information to support your nomination is encouraged

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