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Online Form - Community Event Application Package

Please note: Standard Fees and Charges apply to hire the ToPH’s venues and facilities. Fees cannot be waivered. ToPH can only make payment towards hire via donations. Please consult the ToPH’s Donations Policy for more information.

Application Form Submission: Please complete and submit to the ToPH at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Please note that applications for large events (50 + persons) are to be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the event to ensure sufficient time for processing.

Casual Hire and Events Information:

Individuals, businesses and community groups are required to hire the Town of Port Hedland’s recreation reserves and parks when they meet the following criteria:

  • Sporting fixtures and training.
  • Events with over 50 attendees.
  • If events are open or advertised to the public.
  • If there will be any entertainment or structures erected (e.g. Bouncy Castles etc.).
  • If vehicle access is required.
  • If food or goods will be sold.
  • If alcohol will be consumed or sold.
  • Personal training sessions or fitness classes will be conducted.
  • Require access to facilities e.g. change rooms, kiosks or overhead lighting.

Please select the facility you wish to hire:

Colin Matheson Pavilion

Civic Centre Gardens

Cemetery Beach Park

Colin Matheson Oval

McGregor Street Oval

Town Oval

South Hedland Town Square

Kevin Scott Oval

Marie Marland Reserve

Marapikurrinya Park

Port Hedland Skate Park

Gallery Gardens

Leap Park

Spoil Bank

Yikara Park

Pretty Pool Park

Koombana Park

Shay Gap Park

South Hedland Skate Park

If the facility you seek is not listed above please complete the below form.

Applicant Details

Event Details

Will there be any sound amplification at the event (e.g. live music, PA announcements, recorded amplified music etc
Is the event being advertised or promoted?
Is this a ticketed event?
Will food or drinks be sold or provided?

If yes, please complete theTemporary Food Premises Application form. If more than 1 vendor, each will need to complete individual forms or apply for a blanket licence. For more information please contact the Environment Health Officer on 9158 9367 or council@porthedland.wa.gov.au 

Will alcohol be consumed?

If alcohol is to be consumed please ensure that you complete the Application to Consume Alcohol on a Council Facility or Reserve.

Is alcohol being sold?

If yes, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to obtain an appropriate licence from the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor through the Clerk of Court, Hawke Place, South Hedland. A copy of the licence must be provided to the ToPH prior to the commencement of the hire period.

Please note: During Cyclone Season pre approved liquor consumption applications may be revoked for safety reasons.

Is this event an under 18’s event


What equipment/structures are you bringing to the event? Please provide details on the following.

Will ground marking, star pickets or tent pegs be required for any of the above?
Do you require toilets to be available?
Do you require change rooms to be available?

Please note:

  • Toilets/change rooms are not available at all reserves. In such cases the hirer will be required to make alternative arrangements to meet their requirements.
  • A $50 bond per key is required where toilets/change rooms are available
Do you require power?

At several ToPH sites minimal (if any) power is available. Additional power sources requirements will be the responsibility of the hirer.

Do you require water?

At several ToPH sites minimal (if any) access to water is available. You may be required to organise alternative water sources.

Do you require the nightly watering system to be turned off during this event?
Will overhead lighting be required?

The use of the lights will be charged in accordance with the ToPH’s Schedule of Fees and Charges 2015/16.

Will you be using pyrotechnics at the event?
Have you provided Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance is mandatory for all events organised by sporting clubs, associations, incorporated bodies and any events designed to make a profit. The insurance cover must be to the value of $10 million and must note the ToPH as an interested party. Hirers must provide the ToPH with copies of their current insurance policy at the time of submitting this application. If the event is a private function booked under a personal name, public liability insurance is not required.

You are required to provide a Risk Management Plan for events with over 500 people or as requested by the Town’s Environmental Health Department.

Will the event require public road closures?
If YES, please select type of road closure

Have you organised security personnel / crowd controllers if necessary?
Have you organised extra toilets?

Note: The information extracted from this document is to be used as a guide only. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all approvals from other agencies (e.g. Police, Main Roads) are received in relation to each particular event.

Site Plan

A detailed layout of the event including locations of elements such as those listed below is to be included with your application form if the event has any of the following;

  • Stage
  • Seating
  • Vehicle Access Points
  • Food Stalls
  • First Aid Posts
  • Marquees, tents
  • Electricity cables
  • Emergency exits
  • Parking areas
  • Fenced off areas
  • Additional toilet facilities
  • Areas for sale or consumption of alcohol
  • Site signage
  • Show street names

Click here to download a copy of the site plan template.


I/We have read, understood and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Hire located on the ToPH Website. I/We agree to indemnify the ToPH against all actions, claims, demands, or costs arising out of connection with the hire of the facility. In consideration for the use of facilities owned by the ToPH, I/we agree to hold the ToPH harmless for any damages, acts or incidents that occur as a result of the above event held by me/us. Further, I/we assume all liability for specific losses arising from the event listed above and release the ToPH from all liability and costs incurred arising from or incident to the event. I/We also acknowledge that during cyclone season in the event of a warning or alert my/our booking arrangements may be compromised.
By typing your name below, you warrant that you have the appropriate authority to sign for and on behalf of the Hirer.

Before submitting this application please ensure you have completed the check list below!

Please double check the following:
I have included all required documents and permits including

PLEASE NOTE: This is an application form only. Bookings are not confirmed until approval has been granted in writing by the ToPH and either that payment of all fees has been received, or that we have invoiced for the fees and received a purchase order for these.

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