Have your say on the proposed construction of proposed sea walls

Proposed sea wall construction at West End, Sutherland Street and Goode Street

What is this consultation?

On Wednesday 25 March, Council adopted an agenda item which approved the commencement of detailed design, including the required investigatory work for State and Federal approvals, to facilitate the construction of three seawalls. These would be located at the West End (Marapikurrinya Park, Richardson Street and the gap in between); Sutherland Street (between Crawford Street and Moseley Street) and Good Street (northern Street foreshore to the east of Barker Court).

Why are seawalls needed?

Coastlines across WA jurisdictions are susceptible to the impacts of erosion and rising sea levels. The Port Hedland foreshore experienced a significant amount of erosion and damage as a result of Tropical Cyclone Veroncia in March 2019. The cyclone caused damage to the existing seawalls in the West End, and exacerbated existing erosion along Sutherland Street and Goode Street. Into the future, these sort of weather events will reoccur as climate change continues to impact coastal communities. As a Local Government, we need to prepare for these impacts.

How were the proposed locations decided upon?

Following Tropical Cyclone Veronica, the Town engaged marine and coastal engineers M P Rogers and Associates to conduct a site inspection of the coastal foreshore. They prepared a damage assessment report for the Town, making recommendations for repairs and remediation in the short, medium and long term. The West End, Sutherland Street and Goode Street were found to be particularly susceptible to the risks of coastal erosion. Council determined that sea wall construction was the most appropriate mitigation measure to undertake. 

Why have your say?

The construction of sea walls is a necessary precaution against future storms, high tides, cyclones and any combination of these. We would like to hear your perspective on these proposed locations: how do you foresee it impacting your daily life?

Click here to view the M P Rogers & Associates Damage Assessment Report - from page 362: https://www.porthedland.wa.gov.au/council-meetings/ordinary-council-meeting/ordinary-council-meeting-25-march-2020/130/documents/attachments.pdf 

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