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Draft Parks and Paths Strategy

The Town of Port Hedland’s draft Parks and Paths Strategy is now available for feedback, giving residents the opportunity to have a say on the future of public space development.

The draft strategy provides both a detailed assessment of the Town’s existing parks and paths and future provisions.  The purpose of the strategy is to:

  • Review the overall quantity and quality of Public Open Spaces (POS) and paths
  • To establish a framework for the assessment of existing POS and Paths that considers accepted industry standards as well as recognising the sites location and context
  • To review the current status of individual POS and Paths through site investigations and mapping of each park
  • To review the current level of service required for each POS and make recommendations as to any changes in the physical environment and / levels of service
  • To identify gaps within the POS and Path network and make recommendations as to the provision of additional POS or path connections
  • To review the current funding mechanisms for ongoing maintenance of POS and Paths within the ToPH
  • To review future development, the requirements for additional POS and / path connections and any recommended strategies to ensure the POS and path network is optimised as a holistic entity

The Town currently maintains over 30 recreational and communal public spaces across Port and South Hedland, contributing to residents’ health and wellbeing.

Click here to access the draft strategy. You can submit your comments below.


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Bike Paths

Expanding the width of key pathways does help with dual usage but due to a lot of people wearing headphones or using phones whilst walking, the interaction between bikes and pedestrians is still quite dangerous. I would like to see key dual usage pathways also include signage or painted markings establishing awareness of both and to keep left. Key example is Sutherland St pathway. Another key location is out towards the airport where large numbers of transient workers are housed. These locations are rather isolated and because these people often aren't allowed access to vehicles for personnel use they have no way to travel into or around town. If these locations are connected with dual usage pathways we potentially will see more transient workers participate in the town.

Posted: 18/03/2019 8:33:57 AM

South Hedland Skate Park - Health and Safety

Two things. Why was it decided that the best position for the amazing skate park was adjacent to one of the main roads in South Hedland? It would have been much better to have been located next to the JD Hardie Centre so that ultimately it would have been part of a much bigger youth/children zone or precinct...JD and Skate Park and Marquee Water Park. Trifecta! And then why could money not be found at time of planning and implementation to include adequate and appropriate shade sails so that this facility could be used as much as possible by our children while protecting them from sun burn and heat stress given our harsh climate?

Posted: 18/03/2019 8:34:07 AM

Shay Gap Park

Would love to see some maintenance at shay gap park as it get used heavily in the afternoons. A lot of the equipment is broken or filthy and the soft fall is disintegrating.

Posted: 15/03/2019 8:26:47 AM

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