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Winning And Runner Up Written Entries - Airport Art And Story Comp

Airports All Over 9 (Winning Entry)

By Thomas Denney - Year 4 Student at St. Cecilia's Primary School

On the 9th of September 2011 my whole family and our friends went to America. It took us five planes to get to our destination in Las Vegas (on Qantas). I love flying with Qantas because I always feel safe in their hands.

Our first stop was in Perth, and then we flew to Melbourne then to Auckland then onto Las Angeles. When I walked off a flight with QANTAS they asked if I felt good and if I was happy? I was amazed with their service! With our last stop we finally reached our first destination of our holidays in Las Vegas. The first airport i was in America was in Las Angeles! The airport was very large and it looked like a little city with all the people and shops. We all met some new people and we all walked down the aisles and ate some delicious food while we waited to board our next flight to Las Vegas. The airport in Las Vegas was amazing we needed to catch a monorail when i walk off a flight with Qantas they always ask if I felt good to collect our luggage, the airport was huge!

While in America we went to a few other airports. The airport in New Ark was big and that’s where we saw our first yellow taxi and buses and the runway goes through the highway! The airport in Orlando Florida was much the same to the others with it also being very large and looked like a mini city. Security was very important and we had to take off our jumpers, watches and even our thongs. It was remarkable to see these airports and the size of them. It takes a long time to get to your departure gate because they are so big.

It is fun going to airports. It’s amazing how airports make so many people feel happy and hopefully you too. My family and out friend’s families also enjoy flying within Australia to Perth, Melbourne and Queensland. It’s fun going on different planes that take off all around the world.

Airports and planes always remind me about holidays I have had. Most of the airports I have been in have been very big. The airports that I remember the most are the big ones. When I think of those airports they remind me of my happy holiday memories. It is fun exploring airports and looking at what’s in them. It’s always lots of fun seeing friends and family waiting at the arrivals gate of the airport to pick you up. I enjoy airports because of the happiness they bring when families come together.

It is fun flying through the clouds in the air and landing at night time to see the town lights.

I don’t fly a lot but when I do it is to see my family or go on a family holiday.

Airport Poem

By Taj Derschow - Year 2 student at Cassia Primary School

Aeroplanes are really
Incredible when they take off the
Runway because it tickles your tummy and
Plane Service is yummy
Our luggage is calked hand luggage on top of us
Rumbling noises are annoying all the
Times – it is loud
Sometimes but not all the times

My Best Travel Story

By Saffron Waugh - Year 7 student at Baler Primary School

Last October, my family and I went for a holiday to Cairns in Queensland to see ‘Cold Chisle’.

I also saw my friends I hadn’t seen in about 18 months. It was wonderful to see everyone and my favourite band, but we almost missed our flight and our chance to go and visit my friends. It started when we got off the plane in Perth from Port Hedland.

“Are you positive you know were your going?” My mum asked after my dad not very confidently walked over to the Qantas lounge.

“Yeah... um... I’m pretty sure this is right. See it says theres a flight going to Brisbane.”

My dad was the only one who had ever been to perth airport in our family and he’d only been twice.

We decided it would do for the 4 and a half hour wait even though I thought there was something wrong about the times not matching up. I just ignored the times after my dad told me he was positively sure it was right.

The 4 and a half hours passed pretty quickly and it wasn’t unit about 5 minutes after we should have been called any of us noticed the time.

No one in the lounge seemed in a hurry to be anywhere so we just assumed it was a bit delayed.

Then my brother said “Mum, I need the toilet.”

“Okay, your dad can take you.” She then told him. When they were in the toilet my mum got a text on her phone. She was a bit confused at who was texting her at this time of night but is soon made plenty of scence.

The next part happened very quick. My mum shoved her phone in her bag then franticly started packing up the uno cards and trying not to be to loud said, “Saff, quickly pack every thing. We are late. Because were in the Qantas lounge not jetstar. We didn’t get any annonsment to say the plane has been wating half an hour! The plane got here early. We need to go!”

The boys got back from the toilet when we had just finished packing it all up and my mum straight away said “Come on, were late. I though you knew were we were going!”

She explained everything as we raced through Perth airport at 11:00pm at night.

When we got to the right gate, the flight attendent quickly asked, “are you the Waughs?”

“Yes,” we quickly said.

“There on their way,” the lady then said in her walky talky.

And we were off.

That happened about 4 more times.

When we finally got on the plane, my mum just about out of breath said, “Put your heads down and just keep walking.” There weren’t many happy faces!

In the end we got to Cairns for a wonderful holiday. We got to see Cold Chisle which was amazing and I got to see all my friends agian. It was the best holidays I had ever had.

Blue Men

By Jacob Hayes - Year 6, Home Schooled

One day when walking down to the shops Michael saw a suitcase under a bush, it was brown and old, the locks where rusty and the bottom half was buried in the dirt. Michael had never seen it before though he regularly walked to the shops this way. Then he thought about the storm last night it must have blown some of the bush’s branches away and revealed the weathered suitcase. Michael also saw there was a small hole on the top, he went to have look. He saw a very old fifty dollar note. He opened the suitcase to find it was full of old notes! He picked up the suitcase and ran home.

Michael ran eager to show his mum. When he got home he gave his mum the suitcase, they got in their blue jeep and drove to the Police station. When they arrived they handed in the suitcase. A week passed before they got the news that nobody had claimed the suitcase and that they could keep it.

They decided to go on their dream holiday to Tasmania with the money, when they arrived at the small airport they had to wait in a very long line. Michael was getting bored, and he asked his mum if he could have a look at the planes through he airport window. He was looking at their plane when he saw some blue bugs or something climbing up the plane wall!

Michael noticed that his mum was just getting their tickets and that he better go back to her. When they finished buying their tickets they went to have their bags scanned. When they had finished scanning their bags they went to board the plane.

The plane was huge it was bright red and the giant tail was blue it had four turbines and four doors. Michael’s favourite par t about the airport was the boarding he loved getting on the plane and seeing his seat. When they go on he sat down by the window and awaited take off. Suddenly the engines started whirring and the plane started moving faster and faster when all of a sudden the plane took off and they were flying.

They had been in the plane no longer than an hour when a strange gas filled the plane and Michael blacked out! When he woke up he found himself and his mum tied up! He saw small blue man with a little white beard and pin in his hand. Michael asked him what was going on here. The little blue man said that they wanted to go home to Hawaii were they lived but they couldn’t because they didn’t have a plane. Michael asked the little blue man why they left Hawaii in the first place. The little blue man said that they fell into a crate and were put into a ship and that’s how it happened. He said that they’d let them have the plane back once they landed. When they landed the ropes were cut and they could go.

When at last the plane landed at Tasmania they stayed there for four weeks before going home after a great holiday.

View from the Top

By Tarmira Wilson - Year 8 Student at Hedland Senior High School

View from the top
The best part of travelling
Is the long relaxing flight,
Up above the clouds,
High up in the sky.
That silly gut feeling,
When you take off from the ground,
And when the wheels come up,
You wonder about the sound?

When you see the flight attendance,
Give the safety tips.
You pull the buckle high,
And tight around your hips.
They make you feel safe,
Home above the clouds!
I love the flavour in the food,
And the service makes me proud.

I agree that at night,
Is the best time to fly.
You can have a good snooze,
Make the hours fly by.
When you fly in the light,
In the middle of the day,
With your own entertainment
You can play, play, play!

They can fly from the dirt,
To dazzling cities beyond.
Too many towns, for a family bond.
They can fly you over.
The relaxing seven seas,
Take you wherever your destination may be.
After a long time, in a small cramped space.
The stretching of your legs, just feel so great.

The last time i flew, i went to Fiji !
My family in seats 9- A,B,C,D!
On the way back to Australia, that very day,
Brisbane International Airport,
Wanted to take our stuff away.
My mum didn’t let them,
She proved her point,
And we had to hurry as our next flight was joint.

45 minutes,
For our plane to take off!
We really had to hurry,
The time then was rough!
It was so embarrassing.
Four people six bags,
We managed to get home
But god we looked bad!

When we came home,
To the red dirt and dry heat,
We came back home,
Back to reality 

My Little Incident at Sydney International Airport

By Iyeesha Levi - Year 10 Student at Hedland Senior High School

As I get off the plane the cold winds blew in my face. I have landed back in Australian coming from an amazing and eventful holiday in Hawaii, a holiday i did not want to end. I was there for quite some time and coming back and hearing the Australian accents was strange. I keep picturing the memorable places and experiences I have been through like surfing in the beautiful clear ocean and walking with my feet dug into the smooth white beach sand.

I had set foot into the undercover where it was warm filled with people rushing around the international part of the airport. As I waited for my baggage I took a glace around where there seemed to be a scurry. Security dogs were everywhere and I noticed there was a sign saying that they were filming Boarder Security for Channel 7, at that moment a rush of excitement just came through me I have always wanted to be on TV. I grabbed my bag off the conveyer belt and walked along side my dad. We had to go through customs for the second time coming back I didn’t really think much of it. As we walked out I saw a cute puppy that had a little vest on with the word SECURITY on it, I giggled a little. I decided to walk a little bit closer to the dog because of the fact that it was extremely cute, until it had sniffed my bag and jumped on it.

The security man had taken my bag and following behind him was my dad and I, they scanned the bag through customs again and found that it was only a sandwich that I happened to put in my bag before I boarded the plane from Hawaii. I was a bit frightened because it was a first time experience and dad couldn’t help but giggle. “Smile we might be on Boarder Security” he said and I laughed. Mum and my brothers were waiting at the gate and everyone couldn’t help but laugh I felt a little embarrassed, they were just joking and laughing all the way to the other security gate we had to go to in order to catch the next flight to Port Hedland. After having everyone, laugh and giggle at my embarrassing situation dad had been beeped through the security gate! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life, I guess it was karma for laughing and carrying on.

My dad was wearing a belt around his blue jeans and was asked to take it off. I knew that his pants were a size bigger than his normal size so that somehow made it so much more hilarious that it really was. He had made it passed without beeping so we grabbed our carry-on bags and proceeded on to go to the boarding gate number 21.This was by far the best and funniest memorable airport experience I had ever been in.