Town of Port Hedland
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Ranger Services - Fees and Charges

Please find below the latest fees and charges for the 2016/17 financial year:

Fee and charge type



Seizure and impounding of a dog - unregistered


Seizure and impounding of a dog - second impounding


Seizure and impounding of a dog - registered


Maintenance of a dog in pound (per day or part therof)


Seizure and return of a dog without impounding (officer discretion)


Return of a dog impounding outside normal hours (6pm - 6am)


Surrender of a puppy (per dog)


Surrender of a dog 


Microchipping of a dog


Replacement dog registration tag


Application to keep more than two (2) dogs


Deposit dog anti-barking collar


Hire of dog anti-barking collar - per fortnight


Licence to keep an approved kennel


Renewal of a licence to keep an approved kennel



Seizure and impounding of a cat or kitten $62.00
Maintenance of a cat or kitten (per day or part thereof) $11.50
Microchipping of a cat $47.50
Surrender of a cat/kitten $25.00
Replacement of cat registration tag $4.00


Towing charge
- light vehicle (including trailer, caravan or boat) $145.50
- burnt-out vehicle $242.00
- bus $630.00
- truck $630.00
Storage of impounded vehicle (per month or part thereof) $145.50
Administration fee $34.00


Vermin trap hire (per fortnight or part thereof) $25.00
Deposit (bond) on vermin trap $119.00
Vermin trap replacement fee $139.00
Dog trap hire (per day) $139.00
Dog trap bond $130.00
Dog trap replacement fee $618.00


Dangerous/restricted dog collars $48.00
Dangerous/restricted dog signs $32.00


Release of impounded trolleys $34.00