Application Forms, Checklists & Fees

Application for Development Approval

Application for Development Approval

Development Application checklist - required for all development applications

Appendix 1 - Home Business Checklist

Appendix 2 - Signage Checklist

Any proposed development in the West End Residential Zone and surrounding areas must address Information Sheet 9. See Below.

Additional Application Forms

Application for Scheme Amendment or Development Plan

Application for processing Section 70A Notification

Application for Planning Information

Application for Section 40 - Liquor Licence

Application for Use of Spoilbank

Planning Information Sheets

INFO 3 Cross Overs

INFO 5 Stormwater Drainage - Residential

INFO 5 Stormwater Drainage - Industrial

INFO 6 Traffic Study

INFO 7 Rubbish Statement

INFO 9 West End Residential Zone

INFO 10 Scheme Amendment Information Sheet

Fees & Charges 2017-18

Fees and Charges 2016-2017

Planning Fee Calculator 2016-2017

Development Assessment Panel Forms And Fees

DAP - Application Guidance

DAP - Form 1

DAP - Form 2

DAP Schedule of Application Fees

Strata - Form 24 And Fees

Strata - Form 24

Strata - Form 24 Fees