Town of Port Hedland
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Economic & Strategic Planning

The Town of Port Hedland’s Economic and Strategic Planning unit is positioned within the Planning and Development Directorate.

Whilst Port Hedland helps to fuel the growth of Asia, this unit seeks to enhance the future economic prosperity of the municipality by concentrating on the strategic vision of the Port City Growth Plan which highlights three keys to sustainability: housing affordability, increase in amenity and economic diversity. The unit is also responsible for the identification of opportunities, development of strategies and implementation of actions that achieve positive outcomes for the Town, which include attracting businesses to develop and operate on Council owned or vested land.

The unit is committed to economic growth and acknowledges the benefits of all partnerships in order to help facilitate growth.   A second office in the State’s capital city of Perth has been established in an effort to develop these partnerships further.

Economic development in the Town won’t be achieved by the Local Government alone. Many players are needed to create its future of 50,000 people – State and Federal Government support, small, medium and large business, entrepreneurs, academics, resource industry and investors.

Contact us

Manager, David Westbury: 08 9158 9309

Coordinator, Brie Holland: 0448 105 557

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