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Community Safety Working Group

In 2003, the Town of Port Hedland entered into a Community Safety & Crime Prevention (CSCP) partnership with the Office of Crime Prevention (OCP) as part of a new State Government initiative for reducing crime and improving community safety.

The primary purpose of this partnership was to:

  • establish effective partnerships with key stakeholders engaged in improving the safety and well being of individuals in the Hedland region,
  • prioritise safety issues for the Town of Port Hedland and
  • oversee the implementation of crime prevention projects in response to local safety issues. 

The first step in this partnership was the development of a CSCP plan which would provide the Hedland community with a documented framework to ensure that crime and safety issues were addressed in a coordinated manner involving key stakeholders in the community. This was undertaken in 2003, and the result was the development of the Town of Port Hedland Safer Community and Crime Prevention Plan 2003-2005. This plan was reviewed and in 2006 the current Hedland Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan 2006-2009 was endorsed.

The current plan consists of approximately 40 strategies designed to strengthen the Hedland community and contribute to a secure and quality lifestyle for current and prospective residents. There are 18 service provider signatories involved in the plan which along with other key stakeholders make up the working group.

The CSCP working group is currently made up of the following departments, organisations and industry:

BHPBIO-Bloodwood Tree Association-Department for Child Protection (DCP)-Department for Communities (DfC) -Department of Corrective Services (DoCS) -Department of Health (WACHS)-Department of Housing (DoH)-Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) -Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR)-FMG-Indigenous Coordination Centre (ICC) -Office of Crime Prevention (OCP) -Pilbara Association of Non-Government Organisations (PANGO) -Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) -Pilbara District Education Office (PDEO) -Pilbara Indigenous Women’s Aboriginal Corporation (PIWAC) -Pilbara Mental Health Service-Pilbara TAFE -Town of Port Hedland (ToPH) -West Australian Police Service (WAPol) -Youth Involvement Council (YIC).

Aims of the working group

The Hedland CSCP Working Group aims to:

  • Monitor and review the implementation of the Hedland CSCP plan
  • Annually report on the working group’s activities for inclusion in the Town of Port Hedland’s Annual Report
  •  Advise Council on appropriate matters relating to community safety and crime prevention
  • Consider community safety matters which are raised by Council or community members that may impact on the Hedland community
  • Support programmes and activities related to community safety and crime prevention in the Hedland region
  • Promote and enhance awareness of community safety and crime prevention issues and new projects in the Hedland region through media – newspaper articles, internet and other appropriate means.

The working group welcomes feedback and input from the community at any time. To contact the Hedland CSCP working group please email or phone the Town’s Community Safety Facilitator

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