Town of Port Hedland
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultation Forum

In 2010, the Town of Port Hedland launched a series of quarterly consultation forums designed to effectively address any issues or concerns of the Aboriginal community.  These forums are open to all members of the Aboriginal community so that those with relevant knowledge or interest can attend and ensure that the forum focuses on an issue that is applicable to them.  Also invited are representatives from relevant agencies and organisations who may be able to assist community members and add value to the discussions.  Agencies and groups with Aboriginal staff members are encouraged to appoint these employees to represent them at the Forum where possible, to try and ensure a majority of Aboriginal people at the forums. 

The forums provide an opportunity for community members, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, agencies, Council officers, and local businesses to make connections, share ideas, resolve issues and celebrate community achievements.

Click here to view documents, agendas and minutes from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultation Forums

Please contact the Town's Events Officer or Community Engagement and Inclusion Officer for further information.