Live It Tell It is the community engagement initiative of the Town of Port Hedland’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028. 

The data and results of one of the most extensive engagement exercises ever undertaken by the Town of Port Hedland have been released with safety, education, environment and community cohesiveness identified as priority areas for the community.

More than 5800 direct community interactions were recorded between October and December 2017 via public forums, online surveys, conversation cafes, pop-up activities, social media competitions and youth challenges. 

To ensure an inclusive, diverse and culturally appropriate stakeholder representation, staff and elected members took to the streets with an innovative and dynamic ‘Live it Tell it’ campaign, reaching out to Port Hedland’s around 14,500 population.

The process formed part of the State Government’s reporting requirement to review and update the Town’s Strategic Community Plan to reflect community sentiment and outline its future direction.

The results also reveal that people are proud to live in Port Hedland, enjoy its relaxed lifestyle and sporting and cultural activities, but seek increased focus on affordable living, improving existing assets and activating facilities across the town.  The importance of family and a community-driven direction with strong Aboriginal and youth involvement and transparent civic leadership was also highlighted.

Strategic Community Plan Engagement Summary Report

Strategic Community Plan Highlights Presentation 

These findings from the community are now forming the basis of the Town’s Strategic Community Plan and its strategies will be finalised and shared with you in the coming months.

Live it Tell It FAQ

What is ‘Live It tell It’?

‘Live It Tell It’ is the community engagement initiative of the Town of Port Hedland’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028.T To ensure everyone has the opportunity to have input an exciting range of engagement activities is being rolled out.

If an SCP was completed in 2012, why are we doing it again?

An SCP must be constantly reviewed to align with the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines of the State Government. A minor review is completed every two (2) years and a major review every four (4) years.

This year marks a major review of the SCP, which coincides, with the recent election of a new group of Elected Members.

Why is ‘Live It Tell It’ so unique?

The Town of Port Hedland is committed to engaging and listening to our community. We are investing in the delivery of a wide range of ‘Live It Tell It’ activities that will excite, build interest and participation from a wide demographic in our community. This investment demonstrates our desire to ensure we engage people in a transparent, inclusive and respectful manner.

What do we do with the feedback we receive?f

Your feedback will help to inform the development of the Town of Port Hedland’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028. The intent is to release the draft SCP 2018-2028 for public comment in 2018.

Where can I get more information or provide suggestions?

Visit for more information. Alternatively, you can email us at or call 08 9158 9300 and ask to speak with the Community Engagement Team.

What is it?

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