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Council Paves the Way for Future Spoilbank Marina Direction

Posted on: Friday, 28 July 2017 at 10:29:55 AM

The Town of Port Hedland Council has approved the re-staging of the Spoilbank Marina project to deliver the first stage of works to the community that is operationally affordable.

The decision, made at the Ordinary Council Meeting on the 26th July, will see a review of the current plans and business case to determine a sustainable first stage of development that may include recreational boating facilities, dredging of the new channel, landside commercial development, a tourist facility and public open space landscaping.

The Spoilbank Marina project was approved for $112 million by the previous state government, including three years’ worth of operational funding for dredging. The current State Government has affirmed the funding commitment, however, has indicated they will not provide any operational funding for the project beyond the initial three years.

“The $2 million in operational funding required annually would represent an 8% increase in rates which is unaffordable in our current economic state”, said Town of Port Hedland Mayor Camilo Blanco.

“We have decided to investigate a variety of restaging options to create a more affordable first stage that meets the most current community wants and needs,” he said.

“Extensive community consultation will occur to ensure we align the plan to the community wants and needs”.

The first phase of the project, which has been allocated $3million from the 2017-2018 budget, will address options including wet and dry marina facilities, the building of a breakwater and rock walls, a two lane boat ramp and associated dredging requirements.

“The Council is committed to providing our residents and ratepayers with a marina precinct that delivers the best for our community”, said Mayor Blanco.

“The precinct isn’t just about having a place to dock your boat; it’s about providing our community with an area for recreational activities and a space for our visitors to enjoy and absorb the real beauty of Port Hedland”.

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