Town of Port Hedland
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The Town of Port Hedland takes an active approach to graffiti having on hand a 'Rapid Response Graffiti Team' with a fully equipped graffiti vehicle.

The graffiti team will remove any offensive graffiti within 24 hours, and all other graffiti is generally removed within 48hours of being notified.

The Town of Port Hedland will only remove graffiti from Council property and infrastructure such as roads, paths, parks, playground equipment, street furniture and Council buildings. 

Power poles, power boxes, Telstra pits and water tanks should be reported to the owner or provider of the infrastructure.

For any graffiti on private property the Town of Port Hedland offer a Graffiti Removal Pack for residents  


Report Graffiti

Reporting graffiti is done through the goodbye graffiti website or via the hotline.the video explains the process to follow.


Report Graffiti Online    OR     Contact By Phone


This link will take you to the “Online Police” web page to report any instance of graffiti. Your help in reducing graffiti is appreciated and will make our Town a better place to live, work and play.

Free Graffiti Removal Packs for Hedland Residents

The  Town of Port Hedland is offering free graffiti removal kits to local residents and business owners who have had their property vandalised by graffiti.

Members of the public are encouraged to report the graffiti, either by making a report to the Police or through the Goodbye Graffiti Hotline, or through the graffiti reporting tab on the Hedland Safety Network. Once a report has been made, residents and business owners can then access a graffiti removal pack from the council  – free of charge.

The graffiti kits contain all the chemicals, PPE (personal protective equipment) and instructions on how to safely and effectively remove graffiti.

Contact the Coordinator Emergency Services on 91589370 or email