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Anime and Manga Club

Thursday 2nd August 2018
(Multiple Dates Between Thursday 2nd August 2018 & Thursday 6th December 2018)

Get ready to discover your creativity! The first Anime and Manga Club session is being held this Thursday from 4pm-5pm at the JD Hardies Youth Zone, for young people aged 13-25.

The sessions allow young people in the community to watch Anime, read Manga comics and have a go at drawing their favourite characters.

"Manga" is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels which have become popular in Western countries in recent decades.

Even if you’ve never heard of it before, now is the perfect opportunity to read some titles and be inspired by this unique art form.

Participants are welcome to bring their own art supplies, or they can use ones supplied on the day.

If the session is popular with the community, it will run on a monthly basis.

Bookings are not required, however if you require more information, please contact the South Hedland Library on 9158 9378.

What is Manga?

Manga are comics created in Japan, or by creators in the Japanese language, which conform to a style developed in the late 19th Century. Manga is often made into Japanese cartoons or Anime (Animation). As you may have seen, the art in Manga has a definite look and is often referred to as "Manga style"

The word "Manga" can be translated as "humorous pictures", and has become a huge part of Japanese culture. Japanese Manga is to be read from the right side to the left, which is the opposite of traditional Western books. Classic Manga titles include Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Dragon Ball.

Event Details

Time: 4pm

Venue: JD Hardie Youth Zone


Organisation: Town of Port Hedland Libraries

Phone: 9158 9373


Event Date(s)

  • Thursday 2nd August 2018
  • Thursday 6th September 2018
  • Thursday 4th October 2018
  • Thursday 1st November 2018
  • Thursday 6th December 2018