Town of Port Hedland
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Air Quality

Council’s has an Air Quality Control Working Group that looks specifically at the air quality of the Town of Port Hedland. The committee’s objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide advice on practical measures to improve air quality within the Town;
  2. To provide a monitoring service which will indicate the extent to which the air quality of Port Hedland complies with nationally accepted standards; and
  3. To ensure that Port Hedland residents have air quality which complies with nationally accepted standards; and
  4. To ensure that Port Hedland residents are kept fully informed on the actions of the committee.

Meetings are conducted every quarter and membership of the committee is on a voluntary basis. If you think that your industry should be represented on this committee please write to Council’s Environmental Health Services (Town of Port Hedland, PO Box 41, Port Hedland WA 6721) stating why you wish to be a member of the committee.

The committee has produced a pamphlet to assist in raising community awareness about the importance of good air quality and practical measures for improving air quality.

To obtain a copy of the Air Quality pamphlet please go to "Forms and Publications" to obtain a copy of this document, or if you have any further queries please contact our Environmental Health Services on (08) 91589 352.

For detailed information regarding dust monitoring and historical data please visit the Port Hedland Air Quality Monitoring.