Town of Port Hedland
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Waste Lives On Campaign

The Town of Port Hedland is supporting 'Keep Australia Beautiful Week' and launching a number of initiatives to help residents reduce waste, recycle and prevent and report litter.

Keep Australia Beautiful

Tips From The KABC

When we throw things in the bin we often don’t realise its future impact.
Plastic can last for thousands of years and some materials never break down.
That means is things like empty bottles had been around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth we would still be finding them today.
Reduce your waste and help Keep Australia Beautiful.

Mobile Muster

Mobile MusterThe Town of Port Hedland is encouraging locals to be environmentally conscientious through recycling their old mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories.
Council has joined forces with MobileMuster, the official recycling program of the telecommunications industry. The Civic Centre is now part of 3,000 MobileMuster collection points across Australia.

Residents can dispose of mobile phone components, which are not biodegradable at the Town of Port Hedland's Civic Centre located on McGregor Street in Port Hedland.

Dob In A Litterer

Litter can be almost anything. It can be cigarette butts and drink bottles, an apple carelessly thrown out of the car window, a load that hasn't been secured properly on the back of a trailer, and the grass clippings that you sweep into the gutter.
In an effort to promote litter prevention and reduction and help change the attitudes and behaviours of the community, the Town of Port Hedladn is asking residents to report litter dropped from vehicles to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council. 

Waste Lives on