Town of Port Hedland
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Cyclone Clean Up

Council conducts the free annual pre-cyclone clean up before the start of cyclone season (November to April).

The Town will collect green waste only - the disposal of all other waste prior to the commencement of cyclone season is the responsibility of the property owner/tenant.

You can assist in making this free service successful by observing the following guidelines:

  • Stack material neatly on the verge away from fences, trees, signs and edge of the road.
  • For speed of service, Council staff will not enter private property to collect material.
  • Green waste should be cut into lengths of 2 metres or less. 
  • Loose material such as leaves and other vegetation shall be suitably wrapped or placed in bags or other form of disposable container to prevent litter spread and to aid collection. 

We will not collect the following items:

  • Vehicle bodies, car parts, tyres and other bulk items.
  • Household electrical goods and furniture.
  • Building materials such as rock, rubble, slabs and soil.
  • Items normally collected by Council’s regular collection services.


Nominated Collection Areas

Port Hedland Area

  • Port Hedland CBD to Howe St
  • Port Hedland Howe St to Crawford St
  • Spinifex Hill Crawford to Thompson St
  • Cooke Point Thompson St to Taylor St
  • Pretty Pool and Tkalku Boorda

South Hedland Area

  • Lawson
  • Wedgefield
  • Cassia
  • Walnut Grove
  • Shellborough
  • Koombana

* To ensure collection, please have all items on the verge before the nominated dates for your area. Items must be placed out on the verge PRIOR to the nominated collection period. There is no guarantee that items placed out during the nominated collection period will be collected. Items placed out for collection on the street verge after the nominated collection period will not be collected by the Town and dispoal will be the responsibility of the property owner/occupier.

If in doubt about any item you wish to leave out for collection, please contact Engineering Services on 9158 9700 for advice prior to leaving out on verge.