Town of Port Hedland
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Community Safety Initiatives 

The Hedland Safety Network

The Hedland Safety Network was developed as an initiative of the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan to provide a Port Hedland residents and business owners a specific site which will provide current and relevant safety information, current news affecting the community and crime prevention tips to people who access it.

In September 2015 the Hedland Safety Network moved into the Town of Port Hedland Website to give the community one website to access all community Information

Keep It Safe - Anti Burglary Kits

Town of Port Hedland and the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee, in partnership with the South Hedland and Port Hedland Police launched the ‘Keep It Safe’ anti burglary kits targeted at reducing domestic crime in the local community.

The initiative is funded by the Office of Crime Prevention, saw The Town workclosely with the South Hedland Youth Justice Team and juvenile youth clients to develop the ‘Keep It Safe’ initiative and create the kits to be ready for distribution.

The anti-burglary kits contain sensor wired security floodlights, door entry alarm, easy set 24 hour timers and information to help community members feel comfortable in their homes. Included in the kit is a survey regarding domestic crime, with the collected data to be compiled and compared with other crime statistics from WA Police. The information will also be used to determine allocation of resources in crime ‘hotspots’.

The ‘Keep It Safe’ anti-burglary kits will be distributed by local police when they attend domestic burglaries, theft or home invasions. Call your local Police Station in Port or South to organise a kit.

Bike Lock Project

In 2009-2010 the Bike Lock Project was developed with the aim to reduce the opportunity for the theft of off-road motor-bikes in the Hedland community and to assist members of the Hedland community who own an off-road motorbike to become more aware of theft prevention strategies through education.

It also provides them with financial assistance to obtain a quality lock to secure their bike.

Objectives of this initiative were:

  • To encourage a wider acceptance of personal responsibility in securing off-road motorbikes.
  • To circulate and promote preventative strategies to reduce the theft of off-road motorbikes through education and awareness.
  • To aid the Police with the identification of stolen off-road motorbikes.

The Town of Port Hedland facilitated this initiative, in conjunction with the WA Police and Pilbara Boats and Bikes, BHP Billiton and the Northwest Telegraph.

Emergency Contact Numbers Fridge Magnets

This safety initiative was developed with the aim to promote community safety in the Town of Port Hedland and to promote the reporting of crime and to circulate relevant emergency and helpline numbers within the Hedland region which are essential for all residents to have in case of an emergency on an easy to read fridge magnet.

Numbers include Police, Crime Stoppers, State Emergency Service (for storm or flood), Hospital, Utilities, BoM,Rangers and more.

Flashback House Numbers

Flashback reflective numbers are highly reflective, durable numbers that ensure your house can be easily identified to police, ambulance and fire and rescue services in the event of an emergency.

In conjunction with the Office of Crime Prevention and the Community Safety Crime Prevention Committee, the Town of Port Hedland have purchased a quantity of Flashback reflective house numbers which are available to all residents while stocks last, to ensure that their properties are easily identifiableat night.

2010-2013 Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

The Hedland Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan is in place to respond to current local safety issues and to ensure a proactive approach is taken to addressing these issues.

The goal of the 2010-2013 Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan is:

To work toward a safer local community for all Hedland residents to enjoy – this is achieved through increasing people’s sense of pride in their surroundings and confidence in their ‘quality of life’ – making Hedland a place where people can pursue all aspects of their lives without fear or hindrance from crime or anti-social behaviour.

The current plan:
– Promotes a whole of community response to local community safety and crime prevention concerns and aims to forge partnerships with the local community, police, local and State Governments, non-government organisations and businesses, by developing preventative approaches to current priority safety issues,
– Is both a strategic and practical document that provides a frame work for CS & CP activities,
– Includes new initiatives determined at the December 2009 planning workshop, initiatives from the 2006-2009 CS & CP plan which were not implemented but are still relevant as well as some strategies that are established and listed as on-going. The time frame for each project varies according to the resources needed to successfully implement each one.

The initiatives in the 2010-2013 Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan were determined based on the results from the 2009 Community Safety Survey. The results identified 5 key issues that community members believed impacted the most on the level of safety in their area, these are;

  • Alcohol related Issues
  • Drug & Substance Abuse
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Boredom
  • Lack of Education

These results were used in conjunction with feedback received at the December 2009 Planning Workshop – it was determined that the 4 high priority areas for actioning over the next 3 years of the Hedland CS & CP plan are;

  •  Domestic Violence
  •  Anti Social Behaviour (inc. vandalism)
  • Volume Crime
  • Reporting of Crime

Although the Town of Port Hedland is committed to addressing the 4 High Priority areas as part of its core business,  Council resolved in July 2013 to temporarily disband the CS&CP Committee for an indefinite period. The committee can be revitalized at any time in the future, should the need arise.

Speed Alert Mobile Sign Trailer

The Town of Port Hedland in conjunction with the Port and South Hedland Police advise that "SAM" or the "Speed Alert Mobile" trailer is being placed in selected locations on a fortnightly basis.

Residents may have seen "SAM" in their area. "SAM" will be placed in speed "Hotspots"   in an effort to educate the drivers of local speed zones and users of local roads will reduce their speed in line with designated speed zones, this will improve community and road safety.