Town of Port Hedland
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How We Provide This Service

Staff: Manager, Community and Cultural Development

Primary Service Function

  • In conjunction with the community plan, to facilitate, co-ordinate, initiate, develop and support community and cultural services that meet the needs of the Port Hedland community
  • The community and cultural develoment framework is grounded in community well-being, participatory local democracy and social justice
  • To focus on excellence and innovation
  • To manage Council’s community and cultural development functions

How Services Are Performed

  • By involving community and cultural groups in the planning, development and management of community and cultural services, facilities and programmes
  • By undertaking social research to assess the needs and resources of the community
  • By compiling demographic information on the Town of Port Hedland
  • By liaising with federal and state governments regarding the development of appropriate community and cultural services
  • By providing information on government funding to cultural and community groups and organizations
  • By supporting and assisting community groups applying for grants and sourcing funding
  • By representing the Town of Port Hedland on community and cultural development issues to government and non-government agencies at community meetings and on management committees
  • By acting as a link between Council and the community, within a clear understanding of Council’s organisational objectives
  • By working with other Council staff and departments
  • By providing advice, information and support to all other sections of the division on community and cultural development issues
  • By providing opportunities for developing skills with organizations individuals
  • By developing community and cultural policy’s for Council